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Jānis 08/26/2022 (Fri) 17:23:21 No. 296
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Kusaba X is a continuation of the Kusaba imageboard software, which Trevor has quit supporting. While other Kusaba derivatives are adding more bloat than functionality, Kusaba X is determined on adding functionality first.
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i miss the days of the sea of shitty kusaba boards ;;
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>>297 2010: Sea of dead Kusaba X boards 2016: Sea of dead Vichan boards 2020: Sea of dead Lynxchan boards 2022: Sea of dead jschan boards "History occurs, as it were, twice" - Karl Marx
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>>298 >>299 also fuck jschan at the very least lynxchan works on the client side without js fucking zoomer webdev ass pieces of shit need to learn to make good software