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Site Updates Jānis Board owner 05/11/2022 (Wed) 00:23:44 No. 17 sticky
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Open file 117.42 KB, 590x885
Thread for site updates. First, there is now a few users. Welcome, it may be small now but try to post or atleast visit the site every once in a while. Second, latest posts on front-page now seems to be working randomly, not sure why, maybe cache issues stopped it. Latest images is not yet working.
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/sj/ posts will now show correctly in the overboard (style and font change)
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IP Addresses will now be delinked from posts after one day to improve privacy. It should be more than enough time to ban offenders.
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>>19 It has taken affect
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9chan being the well maintained site it is, also has now had MongoD fail, when before only Lynxchan OOM'd. MongoD will now restart on fails aswell. Hopefully this effectively sidesteps the issue and the current minimum spec VPS holds.
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(You)s are fixed. "Real IP" label is hidden. Sidebar board order changed. QChat embed in IRC and on the new custom 502 page. There's a twitter account for shilling.
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Open file 157.41 KB, 750x718
MongoD hung, so earlyoom is now installed, running, enabled and hopefully set up correctly (with --prefer '(mongod|lynxchan)' and -m 2). This means sending a SIGTERM at less then 2% memory, and a SIGKILL at less than 1%, which when combined with the Restart=Always on systemd should hopefully cleanly restart if it gets too high, just before hanging. Automatically instead of my manually doing this. If it starts to get stuck on a loop, the only option beyond minor optimizations would be a server upgrade.
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>>34 So apparently MongoD just stayed dead. Damn.
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There's probably a better way to do this, but there's now a crontab checking if mongod or lynxchan is inactive, and starts them respectively.
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/t/ is no longer a textboard, because there's not enough users for meaningful discussion anyways.
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/vt/ is merged into /jp/, please move any vtuber posts there
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>>67 MOSTLY fixed
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Open file 384.78 KB, 1774x2048
>>68 borrowed some things from https://gitgud.io/kohlchan-dev/kohlnumbra-nginx may be placebo but the thumbnails seem to be staying, aswell as loading faster, so far.
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>>70 placebo
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Open file 160.31 KB, 400x400
NOW the thumbnail bug is fixed finally