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Jānis Board owner 05/15/2022 (Sun) 00:18:09 No. 23
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This issue occurs. I am not sure what causes it.
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So the code is based on in local storage a key called "postingPasswords" with a list of posts and the passwords you posted them with. Not on IP. But for example that /t/1 is in there, and the code seems fine, so it doesn't make any sense to me.
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>>24 tooltips.js doesn't discriminate from which board your own post no. is, so it attaches (You)s to posts that share that same number between boards. OP posts dont get (You)s because it's stored as "meta/23" and not like "meta/23/23" [i]("board/[op post no.]/[post no.]")[/i], and the js reads the 3rd part separated by /
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>>29 also rip that text formatting for italicized text
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>>29 I can try that change, so many tweaks this is gonna be a pain to update Kohlnumbra (  ̄д ̄)
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>>29 It's janky but should be fixed, thanks