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Jānis 06/05/2022 (Sun) 07:42:33 No. 46
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no-js block bypass is borked
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lol i dont have kohlcash bs enabled but isnt it unrelated kohlchan shit?
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test post
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regular posting works completely fine no-js, I even under VPN don't get detected by the block so I'm not sure how exactly would be the best way to test it without spending too much time learning the code. I will reiterate kohlcash addon is NOT enabled, but the frontend and addons can be kindof closely linked
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Do setting cookies carry over?
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>>50 No, so quite frankly testing this is likely more effort than it's worth
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>>47 kohlnumbra has configured that it uses kohlcash for block bypass, instead of regular captcha. it's better if you disable block bypass and keep regular captcha
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>>52 That would be handled by the addons since the frontend in LynxChan is essentially a templating engine you'd need backend addons for that to work (Which get inserted into the frontend templates). The only captcha change is handled through KC-Addon you can find here: https://gitgud.io/kohlchan-dev/lynxchanaddon-kc which is not installed. If it's redirecting to KohlCash it must be hardcoded, because there's no frontend options for it, and the backend has no addons.
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>>52 >>53 Unless you mean completely disabling the filters that trigger bypass, because no I won't.
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AFAICT there's nothing redirecting to the KohlCash page in the frontend code, it would be going to bypass page then, which is still labeled kohlcash for some reason, but it's not kohlcash its the standard bypass. Any issues there are on Lynxchan's side. I'm looking at the backend code and the template and it just looks like the backend is screwing up and adding that, I haven't a clue as to why. Every single occurence of that string is in src/be/engine/domManipulator/dynamic/misc.js, however the more generic indicatorNotValidated, which is the element id used, is in there and src/be/data/defaultPages.json, and in src/fe/src/njk/pages/bypass.njk as the id. I'm not so great in node nor so involved in this projects structure, so I'm having trouble telling what's causing this.
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First is trying to post with js disabled, 2nd part is with js enabled.
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>>56 well I see the answer right here clear as day, clearly you need js enabled